Nothing Nice

‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ For some people aka many of the citizens of the internet, that concept just seems to escape them.

When recent Miss America 2014 winner Nina Davuluri was crowned, she was greeted by an onslaught of racially charged tweets.

Many referred to her as a member of Al Qaeda, an Arab or Miss 7-11 even though Nina Davuluri is an Indian American from New Jersey.

Miss Kansas, a gun totting, tattoo having, army loving American woman congratulated Nina even though she was the one many said was the true Miss America.

Who are they to say who is truly more American?

Historically speaking one way or another many can trace their ancestry back to an immigrant, however their first insult to a “foreigner” is to tell them to go back home to their slum or village.

The rights activists marched for and died over are now being used as weapons toward other people.

You cannot help but wonder why people flock to the internet to hurl slur after slur at unsuspecting people whom they have never heard of.

Who seriously in their right mind wakes up and says, “You know what this random person really needs to do today? Kill themselves.”

For someone out there, that tweet or anonymous message to kill themselves could have been the final straw.

When up and coming African American rapper Azealia Banks felt Lady Gaga snubbed her for cutting a song featuring Banks off her new album due to her “bad attitude” Azealia foolishly took to Twitter.

Something Azealia might not have seen coming was the tenacity of Gaga’s fans the ‘Little Monsters’. Apparently, appropriately named, the little monsters subsequently tore Azealia Banks a new one.

Even though Gaga is known for preaching a credo of non-bullying and equality, the little monsters took to Twitter and various forums to call Azealia Banks racial slurs. Some even went as far as to tell her to kill herself using some very creative wording.

It is sickening and oddly impressive to think that with 140 characters a person can say such horrendous things to a complete stranger.


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